Selected Stories

“Just Stick It Out With Me” formercactus (forthcoming)

“Ran Out of Money” CHEAP POP (forthcoming)

“Lovey-Dovey” Spelk (forthcoming)

“The Word is Diversity” New Flash Fiction Review, 7 Banned Words, Feb. 2018

“Clara” The Airgonaut, Nov. 2017

“Justice Court” Jellyfish Review, Sept. 2017

“A Bad Dream” Five:2:One, June 2017

“Cold Calling” Eunoia Review, June 2017

“What Others Do About It” New World Writing, April 2017

“You Need To Tell My Dad That” Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Dec. 2016

“A Godly Man” Dime Show Review, 2016 and 2017 Vol. 2, Issue 1 anthology

“The Other Cyclist” apt, Nov. 2016

“Goliath” Jellyfish Review, Sept. 2016

“Mooseface Scumbag” Microfiction Monday Magazine, Feb. 2016

“The New Principal’s Wife” matchbook, June 2015

“To Start Off A Day” Gravel, Nov. 2014

“Potluck” Crack The Spine, Issue 121 and Fall 2014 anthology

“Pinholes” Curbside Splendor E-zine, April 2014

“Last Time” Wigleaf, Nov. 2013

“Bonkers” Heavy Feather Review, Issue 2.1, 2013

“Eating People” Penduline Press, Issue 6, 2012

“Our Littlest Brother” SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 29, 2010 and SmokeLong Quarterly: The Best of the First Ten Years. Nominated for Best of the Web

“Coins” Bartleby Snopes, July 2010 and Issue 5 anthology

Stories in Print

“Running After It” The Riding Light Review, Inaugural Issue, 2014

“The Wind, It Swirls” The Milo Review, Winter 2014

“Katarina” The Milo Review, Summer 2013

“Queen C” Emerge Literary Journal, Winter 2012

“Derrick Was Right” North American Review, May-August, 2002

“Under The Table” 4th Annual N. Arizona Book Festival Anthology, March 2001

“Domestic Graffiti” Flare: Arizona Daily Sun, June 1998

“Intentions” in Quarterly West, No. 31, Summer – Fall 1990

“Tract Houses” South Ash Press, Vol. 1, Issue 15, May 1991

“Creation” South Ash Press, Vol. 1, Issue 7, Jan. 1991

“Outside the Car” South Ash Press, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Nov. 1990

“Abduction” South Ash Press, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Oct. 1990

“Closed Windows” South Ash Press, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Oct. 1990

“Snow Fight” Expression, Sept. 1989